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  • S12II-520

    In addition to being highly efficient, the S12II Bronze Series maintains important features such as the stable and proven Double Forward Converter circuit design for reliable power conversion. Sea Sonic’s industry leading Smart and Silent Fan Control achieves not only reduced operating noise but by lessening the number of fan rotations it also incurs...

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  • S12II-620

    The Seasonic S12II series needs no introduction, as this is a well-established, long-standing Seasonic series that has withstood the test of times. The S12II Bronze Series achieves the 80 PLUS® Bronze standard of providing at least 85 % power usage efficiency at 50 % operating load.

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  • M12II-520 EVO

    This is a very popular power supply amongst system builders of all types. One of its special features is the fan control system, which is constantly monitoring the power usage and the ambient temperatures to decide what the most efficient fan rotation speed is in order to provide the lowest possible operational noise levels

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